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Isabella Rozendaal (NL) lifestyle photographer samson.jpgDes images amusantes, vivantes, dynamiques, réalistes, surréalistes, la vie sur le vif...

Isabella Rozendaal (Hollande, '83), la jeune photographe Hollando-Brésilienne présente des éclats de vies diverses. hond tanden.jpg

What Isabella enjoys most is photographing the remarkable and humorous things she encounters in real
life, preferably expanding her fascination into substantial documentary projects. She likes to think big.
She tends to pick subjects that are well documented and cliché and shows them from a new perspective,
conveying her vision on them. Bookmaking is her favorite thing. Though she has an awareness of and love
for the aesthetics of photography, conveying her wonder and surprise at the world is her main objective.
Other interests include cowboys, pork, sweaty concerts, sunsets, and fruit. fuif festival tent brand.jpg kitkat.jpg

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Toujours de chouettes selection de photographe
merci merci merci

Écrit par : Jonathan | 06/11/2009

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