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Zadig&Voltaire, SS11 Erin Wasson - French Fred Meylan

“I wanted a girl with a strong universe. Moreover, I wanted to come back to the brand’s DNA. Erin is more than a supermodel, she is resolutely rock’n'roll and she is the incarnation of the relaxed chic that is the Zadig & Voltaire trademark.”
Thierry Gillier, Founder and CEO of Zadig & Voltair


The rock n’ roll brand Zadig & Voltaire - Mannequin Erin Wasson - SS11 Campaign - Photographe Fred Meylan; Erin W. dessinera aussi une collection capsule pour la marque

Video by Stephane Feugère watch?v=AWEP1RlyI9A&feature=player_embedded

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