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"What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?" Elizabeth Taylor


Just for the music

"Discovered 20 years ago by the Pope of Pop Art Andy Warhol, photographer David LaChapelle has dedicated his entire life to glamour. For over twenty years, from L.A. to Paris, he has left his sensuous, baroque and colourful imprint on thousands of photographs, record sleeves and clips and in the most prestigious international publications such as Vogue or Vanity Fair… Nearly all stars have been immortalized by this daring artist whose art of directing reveals a touch of deliciously kitschy humour. His erotic and subversive photography has earned him the nickname The Fellini of Photography. Enjoying worldwide recognition, he regularly shows his works in international galleries and museums.

This time, David LaChapelle is putting his fertile imagination in the service of Passionata by creating a modern-time fairy tale in which passion combines with a hint of danger. A breathless heroine with a fateful mane succumbs to love at first sight. The Hollywood-style choreography of David LaChapelle sublimates this passionate and voluptuous game. Action!

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